Residential / Commercial Painting

Exterior residential painting

Residential / Commercial painting includes interior and exterior painting of homes / Offices such as: walls, ceilings, trim, doors, siding, windows, and shutters.

Step One “preparation” is the most important step and may or may not include: power washing, paint or wallpaper removal, mechanical or hand sanding, clean up, and the removal of surface contaminants prior to applying paint.

Step Two is “finishing” and may or may not include: careful selection of premium paints and applicators, the application of base and top coats, the application of specialty finishes when requested, sanding between coats when necessary, and complete cleanup of work area.


Includes: walls, ceilings, doors, and windows as noted above under “Residential / Commercial Painting.”


Includes: walls, roofs, trim, doors, siding, windows, shutters, and decks as noted above under “Residential / Commercial Painting.”